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My Name is Ade Bakari and I am the founder of MInd Body Fitness.

I am very passionate about health and fitness. My background is in calisthenics which is using your own body to achieve any level of fitness. Training people outside all throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Mainly I'm training clients at the San Leandro Marina. I chose calisthenics because its a form of exercise that requires you to connect the entire human movement system. In bodyweight training you must earn the right to progress because you are only as strong as the weakest chain. I also believe in teaching the science behind these exercises as well the nutrition aspect. So that my clients may understand the training in depth. Bodyweight training exposes you to movement in all planes of motion and challenges you to explore a full range of joint angles. In the process you build stability and strength in positions where other modalities do not even venture. Furthermore, calisthenics is continually scalable, offering a progressive stimulus which is limitless and continues to provide the human body with the essential ingredients for controlled and efficient movement.