Working with Ade was definitely a worthwhile learning experience. During the time spent with Ade I acquired various exercises and knowledge that has enhanced my workout abilities. I would most definitely recommend Ade for nutritional advice and exercise coaching. Just tell him your goals and he will assist you in executing a plan. 

Cars and Details

 “Ade is an inspirational athlete who pushes his body and mind to the limits to accomplish his goals. His performance and physique speaks for itself. He also understands how to recover and refuel from his challenging training and performance. Balance and structure are keys to his success. His understanding of the body and mind is what separates him as a trainer, and in my opinion makes him one of the top coaches in the calisthenics space.” 


 I started working with Ade to learn certain Calisthenics movements and progress with gains , the few months training with him I learned a lot of techniques and was able to overall improve in Calisthenics. Learned a lot and leveled up since then . 

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